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Choose the Right Shoes

Look around any crowded street, and you'll see plenty of footwear— from stiletto heels to platform shoes— that is more than a little unkind to our feet. It's no wonder that foot pain is such a common complaint. But it's not just our feet that are hurting. Improper footwear places strain on the knees, hips and back. According to Doctors of Chiropractic, your feet serve three purposes:
1.    support
2.    locomotion
3.     and shock absorption.
So, support your body by following these guidelines for proper footwear.

Leave the High-Heels Behind (Women Listen Up!)

Yes -- Women, listen up! The higher the heel on your shoe, the greater the amount of stress placed on your forefoot. High-heeled shoes can contribute to the collapse of one or more of the foot's three arches. These shoes also place undue stress on the ankle, which can lead to ankle instability and sprains. Plus, when you wear high-heels your calf muscles shorten!!  Then, if you alternate between high heels and flat shoes, your calf muscles go through a shorten/lengthen cycle that can lead to pelvic imbalances and low back pain.

Consider Orthotics

Chiropractors recommend Custom Orthotics.  Although there are two (2) different kinds of orthotics available to consumer.  Here’s the difference:
●    the simple, commercially-made insoles that are available at outdoor sports, shoe stores, and drug stores.
●     Custom Orthotics: Custom orthotics are superior since they are tailored to your individual foot and are designed to correct for your particular imbalances. These are created by making an impression of each foot (called a cast) or a Digital Image, and then correcting for specific misalignment problems.  Custom Orthotics help to prevent dysfunction of the lower body and legs, and decrease spinal stress.

Come see us and we will fit you with Custom Orthotics using our TOG - Gait Scanning Imaging Equipment.  

Have You Been Injured in An Auto Accident or Commercial Vehicle Accident or had a Slip & Fall?  Call us at 702.614.8778.


●    Assess minor to major injuries –  from sprains to whiplash or even more serious injuries.
●    Assist you in getting the legal advice you may need.  

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I highly recommend ACE Chiropractic. Clean, friendly atmosphere, and Dr. Bozman is a very kind, gentle, caring soul. Take a 360 degree interactive virtual tour of his office today by visiting Google maps.

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