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Diabetes and Obesity

Healthy Children - Good Diet and Plenty of Exercise
A healthy diet and regular exercise are the keys to preventing obesity and type II diabetes. Both diet and exercise require a commitment parents and their kids. But the time and effort are well-spent, because the results are healthy, happy kids brimming with life.

Be sure to serve protein and carbohydrates at every meal, and keep the portions moderate. Eat a variety of protein sources and a variety of vegetables and some fruits. Fats are usually parts of the foods you're eating regularly. Supplements of Essential Fatty Acid fats (healthy fats the body cannot make), such as omega-3 fatty acids, may be necessary. Good omega-3 sources include salmon, spinach, and walnuts.

Healthy kids do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. EVERY DAY! Walking, swimming, bike riding, and playing individual and team sports are all important activities. Your kids will naturally select the types of exercise that appeal to them the most. As parents, you want to be sure you're exercising regularly, too!

Like the twin sea monsters in Greek mythology, diabetes and obesity are the twin medical monsters confronting America's children.  Diabetes and obesity are often featured as the story line in popular TV episodes that are well-known for focusing on issues that matter.

What's Going On?

Diabetes and obesity are twin raging EPIDEMICS endangering the health and welfare of our nation's young people. In New York City, by the age of 4, there is a one in three chance that the child will be obese. More than 40% of children (2006 stats) were at an unhealthy weight at ages 2 and 3.1 National statistics are similar and growing.

Type II diabetes, long known as "adult-onset diabetes", is now being recognized as a significant juvenile disorder. Up to 45% of the children (2006 stats) diagnosed with diabetes have the type II form.2 And the numbers keep increasing.

Type II diabetes and obesity are closely related - being overweight is one of the two major risk factors for developing type II diabetes. The other major risk factor, not surprisingly, is lack of exercise - not being physically active.

Why Be Concerned?

Both diabetes and obesity contribute to additional severe health issues. Obesity is the leading cause of pediatric high blood pressure and increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Uncontrolled diabetes, over time, can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, neurological disorders, and blindness.

So we are very concerned for our children's well-being. The good news - and it is very good news - is both conditions are lifestyle-related. THEY CAN BE PREVENTED!  It is well-known that a bad diet and lack of exercise cause both conditions. It is also well-known that maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise prevents obesity and prevents or delays type II diabetes.3,4

Parents -- it's up to you to set the standards. If you're eating healthy, balanced meals, your kids will do the same. If you exercise regularly and keep yourself fit and trim, your kids will exercise regularly, too. Set a good example!

1"Child obesity picture grim among New York City poor", The New York Times, April 6, 2006.

2Fagot-Campagna A: Emergence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in children: Epidemiological evidence. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism 13(Suppl 6): S1395-S1402, 2000.

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4Knowler WC, et al: Reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle intervention or metformin. New England Journal of Medicine 346(6):393-403, 2002.


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