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Senior Fitness

  • Bench Press (Chest)
  • Lat Pulldown (Back)
  • Seated Shoulder Press (Deltoids)
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls (Biceps)
  • Triceps Pressdown

Lower Body

  • Machine Leg Press (Quadriceps)
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Standing Calf Raise


  • Abdominal Press
  • Prone cross-raise (opposite arm/leg)
  • Plank (2 x 15 sec)
  • Lunges (50-foot course)

Bob Barker, beloved host of The Price Is Right, made headlines when he announced his retirement in 2007 after 35 years. "Barker irreplaceable!" blared the entertainment tabloids. And yet, Mr. Barker had celebrated his 82nd birthday a few months before his retirement.

Eighty-two! Who really are the "seniors" among us? And what does "senior" mean in today's world? Certainly, America's population is aging by the minute. Baby boomers are already in their 60's.  But most of those in this huge group (more than 76 million)1 are resisting the concept of "getting older" and are searching for ways to stay healthy and fit and well.

What To Do? How To Get Started? What If I Have Health Issues - Can I STILL Get Fit?

Let's first discuss some special concerns that Baby Boomers and those even older might need to address:  decreased flexibility and possibly - temporarily - decreased stamina. Medical issues, including osteoporosis2, high blood pressure3, diabetes, as well as overweight/obesity, etc.  They must be considered when beginning a new fitness plan.

So, have a complete physical exam with your Chiropractic Physician and/or family Physician, and make sure you're good to go. Start slowly and easily, making gradual progress, and adding intensity and duration over the first several months.

Begin A Walking & Fitness Program:

Walking is fantastic exercise! Do 10 minutes at an easy pace the first day, build up to walking around the block, then gradually build up to a brisk 30-minute walk over a 12-week period period of time. 

Many helpful books are available, or ask a friend who knows what they're doing to show you the ropes for working out. Start slowly, carefully, gradually. Train your upper body and lower body on separate days. Make sure you're focusing, paying attention, and working within yourself!

Nutrition Is A Big Key To Success:

Nutrition is just as important as exercise in gaining the level of fitness we need to live healthy, long lives. Eating right requires some mental toughness, and it may take a while to build new habits. The payoff comes quickly, though, and is tremendously empowering.

Keep Fit for Life:

You want to be fit for the rest of our life, right?  How do you keep it all going? Here are a few tips from the fitness front lines -
•    Write a weekly plan. This keeps your workout and nutritional goals fresh. They're right there, on your desk or refrigerator, where you see them every day.
•    Vary your routines. Change your workouts every few weeks. Ride a bike if you've been walking. Use dumbbells instead of machines. Vary your vegetables and fruits, and vary your sources of protein.
•    Set up a buddy system or join a fitness club. The support of a group of friends who share your lifestyle goals, can make a big difference.

And, most importantly, HAVE FUN!

  1MetLife Mature Market Institute Analysis, U.S. Census Bureau, 2000.
  2Carter ND, et al: Community-based exercise program reduces risk factors for falls in 65- to 75-year-old women with osteoporosis: randomized controlled trial. Canadian Medical Association Journal 67(9): 997-1004, 2002.
  3Staessen JA et al: Life style as a blood pressure determinant. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 89(9): 484-489, 1996.


Injured in A Motorcycle, Bicycle or Pedestrian Accident - or Other Injury?

We all know driving is dangerous.  The reality is that any kind of collision can cause injury to you, your family, your health, and possibly your livelihood.

How Dangerous Is It?

The U.S. Census Bureau reported 10.8 million (10,800,000) vehicle accidents in 2009.  That’s 29,589 accidents per day or more then 20 accidents per minute!  What may seem to be a “minor” accident can lead to devastating injuries and sometimes loss of life.  The reality is that any kind of collision involving a motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian can cause minor, moderate, or severe injury.

You may have been involved in an accident and may even already have mounting medical bills and think you have no where to turn for help.  Wrong!

Get A Professional Assessment

With any kind of injury, you need a professional assessment.  Whether you originally went to a hospital, urgent care, or your medical doctor for an immediate assessment or not.  You should know there STILL could possibly be aggravating and dynamic health problems to your back and spine that you are now facing, or will be facing in the future.

Pain is debilitating and you need a resolution to that -- as quickly as possible!  Make sure you get a professional assessment by our licensed Chiropractic Physician (DC) to get your life and your back in order.

WE CAN HELP - Call us at 702.614.8778:

We will:

■    Assess minor to major injuries - from springs to whiplash or even more serious injuries
■    Assist you in getting the legal advice you may need.

Sign up using the form or call 702-614-8778 to make your appointment.

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