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Workouts at Work

What to Eat at Work?
At work, a lot of you are sitting for most of the day. If you exercise regularly, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) increases and your muscles burn energy while you're resting. However, this doesn't give you a free pass to eat whatever you like, whenever you like.

Following a healthy food plan can be challenging if you work in an office. It's so easy to drink three or four cups of coffee, get your sugar fix from the vending machine, and grab some fast food for lunch. No one has time to waste sitting in a restaurant.

And, usually, hours go by before you remember you need to eat. As a result, your blood sugar levels yo-yo wildly, zooming up after a mid-morning candy bar, and crashing down four hours later, when you finally call a take-out place.

Healthy solutions take some preparation and effort, yet the benefits in terms of avoiding diabetes and obesity are immeasurable. Bring zippered plastic bags containing four reduced-fat cheddar and string cheese sticks, an apple, a banana and some nuts. Now you've got two quick meals, both combining protein and carbohydrate. Add a protein-and-carbohydrate energy bar (there are plenty of good-tasting selections) and that makes a third small meal.  You've successfully maintained good energy levels throughout the day!

The most important thing to do - every hour or so - is change your posture and get the body parts moving again. Stand up, take a few slow, deep breaths, and walk around for five minutes. Change your perspective. Go to the window, look around, see something other than the computer you've been working on for the last hour. Refresh your mind with new images, new scenery.

Now, back at your desk, you're ready to do a series of simple exercises that will get your physical and mental systems back online - Here's how:

•    Gently tilt your head forward and back
•    Gently turn your head toward your shoulder, right and left
•    Gently tilt your ear toward your shoulder, right and left
•    Shoulder shrugs - lift your shoulders toward your ears
•    Shoulder rolls - forward and back
•    Wrist circles - clockwise and counterclockwise
•    Ankle circles - clockwise and counterclockwise

•    Arm circles - clockwise and counterclockwise
•    Knee bends - halfway down and come up
•    Knee raises (lightly touch a wall with one hand for support)
•    Spine twists (hands on hips, gently twist right and left)
•    Spine side bends ((hands on hips, gently bend right and left)

How many repetitions to do? Just a few for each exercise - you'll know instinctively what feels good, what feels right. And in less than ten minutes, you've stimulated your muscles and joints throughout your body, recharged your nervous system, regained the benefits you achieved earlier in the day at the gym, and are primed to have a great rest of the day!

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We all know how dangerous driving is!  The reality is that any kind of collision can cause injury to you, your family, your health, and possibly your livelihood.

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Get A Professional Assessment

With any kind of injury, you need a professional assessment.  Whether you originally went to a hospital, urgent care, or your medical doctor for an immediate assessment or not.  You should know there STILL could possibly be aggravating and dynamic health problems to your back and spine that you are now facing, or will be facing in the future.

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